Monday, September 15, 2008

Three years of sharing articles!

This month is our third anniversary of sharing articles since September of 2005. Thank you so much for sharing management-related inspirational and motivational articles over the last few years. A lot of members have been suggesting for quite some time to have an online repository of the shared articles. Hence, to celebrate our third anniversary today I am launching our blog named “Inspirational and Motivational Articles”. Moving forward, all new articles will be shared on the blog. All the old articles since 2005 have been segregated by topic and presented in today’s blog. Please feel free to let me know in case you have any ideas/ comments/ suggestions on improving the blog - blog name/ content/ organization, or anything else.

230 articles have been shared in the last three years. They are organized by different topics on the blog.

Biographies (22)
Book Recommendations (12)
General Management (22)
Leadership (16)
Movies (11)
Short Stories & Notes (29)
Success (26)
Workplace (46)
Miscellaneous (46)

Thank you for again for sharing such wonderful articles.

Keep sharing and have a great year ahead!



Anil said...

Vishal I really appreciate the effort you have put in , I love books in fact Compulsive disorder in keeping all old Xerox training material , Articles & Books .
Digital is the best medium & that if Indexed nothing better.
Keep up the good work can I have a link to your music collection I am not so organized in life.
Just kidding Thanx........

Santos said...

You are doing a great job man...
I am sure the articles that you have been sending would have had a positive impact on someone or the other...

Keep up the good work!!!

Nitin Agarwal said...

Awesome initiative Vishal! Have been part of your mailing list since the time it started, and always made an interesting read!

Now that 'online version' is available, makes it all the more fun visiting each topic!

Way to mark the third anniversary! Keep it up!

Biren Shah said...

Excellent work, Vishal, I am amazed to see your commitment and consistency.

Thank You and keep it going.

Biren Shah

coolingtore said...


This is great news.I have shared this site with some of my friends as well.Keep up the good work.

Vinod Kumar,