Monday, September 29, 2008

“Great Quotes from Great Leaders”

“Throughout history the words of great leaders have inspired us to do great things”, say author Mac Anderson. His recent book “Great Quotes from Great Leaders” is a beautiful coffee table edition with 160 pages, 75 wonderful photographs and over 400 great quotations from leaders in all walks of life. To watch this short movie presentation of Mac’s 15 favorite quotes click here and scroll below to see the link “Watch this Movie”.

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Chandresh said...

Dear Vishal,

I know you will be doing great. I wanted to write to you when you had send the mail abt your Blog . Its really great idea. Till now I was saving all your inspiring emails in one folder and now i can just go on your blog and "FINISH STRONG".

Really this videos and quotes are the need of life. In routine we keep doing the same things and such videos and quotes helps to take a step ahead in right direction and achive more.

Thanks for sharing such a great thoughts.