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Miscellaneous articles shared since 2005 to 2008

A short presentation that shares some valuable lessons on teamwork. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Dr. Ira Dash Rajguru on August 09, 2008

Think differently and creatively
A nice story that depicts the value of creative and positive thinking. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Chandresh Limbachiya on August 09, 2008

ANTS’ Philosophy
Four good lessons that we can learn from Ants! Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on August 09, 2008

Promising business ideas from
Check out their latest newsletter on to know some new business ideas like a Fashion brand launching its own second-hand store, Prepaid card to lock-in gas prices, CafĂ©’s for senior citizens, and more

Shared on July 14, 2008

90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey
Stephen Covey, the management guru, says that 10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react. We really have no control over 10% of what happens to us. We cannot stop the car from breaking down. The plane will be late arriving, which throws our whole schedule off. A driver may cut us off in traffic. We have no control over this 10%. The other 90% is different. You determine the other 90%. Read some good examples and lessons on:

Shared by Christopher Thomas on April 14, 2008

Best of 2007

Shared on January 06, 2008

The New Language of Competition: Are You Friend or Froe?

This is a short article by William (Bill) C. Taylor, an agenda-setting thinker, writer, and entrepreneur. He talks about clever little terms like ”Frenemies”, a combination of both friends and enemies, which has caused a huge transformation in the way competition is viewed today.
Check the article on:

Shared on December 03, 2007

Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it)

  • Presentation consultant Alexei Kapterev put together a must-see slideshow on creating great presentations. Flip through it and see how to stop killing your audience with boring PowerPoint presentations (no audio, the slides speak for themselves). This one's essential (and entertaining) viewing for students and professionals alike.
  • ­Check the slideshow on:

Shared by John Dillard on December 03, 2007

Innovator? Problem-solver? Learner?

  • This is one of the most interesting articles on the mind of an innovator. Author Matthew E. May points out the traps of traditional thinking through some very interesting examples.
  • May suggests that we need to stop thinking about innovation as an outcome, and start thinking about innovation as a process. Because as a practical matter, innovation, problem-solving and learning employ the same iterative process—blending supposition, logic, creativity and reflection. Time frames and territories always change, so the central challenge is having the proper mind-set, discipline and tools at our disposal so that we’re able to combine “blink” and “think” strategies in an effort to create something new.
  • Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by John Dillard on August 12, 2007

Buffett’s Biggest Blunders

Shared on 16th July 2007

Social Networks

  • Interesting article on growing Social Networks. For example - CarbonNYC is an exclusive social network targeted at Manhattan’s highly successful, thirty-something, male community. To join, you not only have to be invited, but must pass an approval process for membership that ranks “success” as its primary criterion. Carbon describes its membership as “founders and CEOs of public companies, entrepreneurs, leading actors, entertainment and media executives, renowned doctors and restaurateurs.” Read more on:

Shared by Dr. Marty Roth on 28th January 2007

Smart Small-Business Ideas

Shared on January 21, 2007

Best of the Year 2006

The Best (and Worst) Leaders:

The Best (and Worst) Ideas:

The Best (and Worst) Products:

Top 10 business stories:

Best Inventions of Year:

Best Books of the Year:

World’s Top airlines:

Tech's Hot Growth Companies:

Best Companies to Work For:

Shared on 7th January 2007

Taking Tiny Loans To The Next Level

  • Article on microfinance published in BW issue 11/27/06. It is especially timely given the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize award to Muhammad Yunis and his Bangladesh-based Grameen Bank, pioneers of micro financing. Microfinance is micro credit, the practice of offering small, unsecured loans to poor people not served by banks.
  • Read the article on:

Shared by Dr. Marty Roth on 18th December 2006

Where Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration

  • Who do Richard Branson, Hugh Hefner, and other marquee-name entrepreneurs and innovators look to for wisdom? Who inspires the inspired? How do some of the most successful entrepreneurs view their own innovations? What is the best piece of advice they ever received? put these questions to a group of eight top entrepreneurs and innovators who have shaken up industries or started new ones.
  • Find the answers on:

Shared on 2nd December 2006

Karma Capitalism

Shared by Dr. David Schweiger on 19th November 2006

Is There a Gene for Business?

  • recently asked a cross-section of experts if entrepreneurs are made or born. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, is it simply a matter of physiological hard wiring? Or is the entrepreneurial spark something that can be lit? Clearly, qualities such as risk taking and determination, common traits in many entrepreneurs, are part of one's DNA. However, transforming inspiration into a business concept is one thing, and transforming a concept into an actual business is another. Can the characteristics often associated with entrepreneurs—drive, confidence, insight—be acquired? Can they be learned?
  • Read the article on:

Brand Mantra: Going Global, Think Local

Shared by Piyali Mantha on 22nd October 2006

6 Money Mistakes to avoid

  • We all make mistakes. But, where your money is concerned, they can cost you dearly (literally). Here we bring you the six most common money mistakes. Avoid these to ensure that your finances are on track.
  • Read more on:

Shared on 8th October 2006

The 10 Cs of Branding

  • “In building and nurturing a strong brand, you have a lot more to think about than these 10 Cs; but no brand is truly a strong brand if it doesn't pass the Ten C Test. So whether you're managing your company's brand or building your own personal brand, think about these 10 Cs”, says William Arruda, a brand consultant and the President of Reach Communications, the global leader in personal branding. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 16th October 2006

Something to smile
Three-Minute Management Course. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Shashank Desai 16th October 2006

Consumer’s Awareness Guide to Sales and Marketing Execution
As the CEO of Awaken, Glenn F. Dietzel globally consults entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers and coaches on how to build a business using sales and marketing skills not taught in any education program. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Sangeeta Puranam on 24th September 2006

Is there value in your value proposition?
With all the emphasis these days on getting your message out using online media—blogging, viral marketing, email marketing, online text, image and video advertising, and so on—we simply forget to focus on how to develop the right message. Many a company goes to market without having fully defined its customer value proposition. Instead, companies market a nice list of "powerful" benefits (which their competitors most likely state they have too). Enclosed is a list of activities (methodology) that can be used to define your company’s value proposition. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 6th August 2006

111 ridiculously obvious thoughts on selling compiled by Tom Peters
Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 6th August 2006

Award winning Ads
Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 6th August 2006

How to have a great day compiled by Christopher Guerriero
Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Herman Carneiro on 6th August 2006

One thing I wish I knew when I Started my Business

Shared by Rick Rowland on 30th July 2006

The Six Types of Salespeople

Shared by Rick Rowland on 30th July 2006

Seth Godin’s Blogs
Rick has enjoyed reading Seth Godin’s work on Permission based marketing and he shares Seth’s blog on the net which includes articles like “How to give feedback”, “If you can’t make it, fake it”, “Clueless in your world”, and many more. Read Seth’s blog on:

Shared by Rick Rowland on 23rd July 2006

Top 100 IT companies

  • You won’t believe this but I had heard of only 3 companies among the Top 10 companies in this list. Yes, there is one company from India on the Top 10 list and it is not Infosys, TCS, or Wipro!
  • BusinessWeek short listed companies and ranked them on four criteria: return on equity, shareholder return and revenue growth (which were given equal weight), and total revenues (which was weighted). Then, the top 100 companies were reranked as a group.
  • Check out the list on:

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 30th June 2006

How to make mistakes
It would be a mistake to try to avoid all mistakes. Indeed, it would be a colossal blunder to attempt doing things right the first time, every time. In today's light speed economy, ("new" economy and "old" economy) if you don't fall on your face both regularly and painfully, you are likely to end up dead instead. The only people not making mistakes are ones playing their game without risk and without novelty - and I might add - without progress. If your company cannot accommodate, even reward, failure - in the long run, you cannot succeed. Read the complete article of author Paul Lemberg on:

Shared on 5th June 2006

Good Learning
A set of slides with very good sayings. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 27th May 2006

Top 50 jobs in America

Shared on 22nd April 2006

Interesting six-figure jobs
You could not have thought about this but it’s true! A look at lucrative careers that let you roll the dice, defend against terror and write about drugs. Read more on

Shared on 16th April 2006

Comparison of India (1975 – 2005)
Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Kaushal Khandor on 3rd April 2006

The 9 Personality Types of Entrepreneurs
Starting and growing your own business requires many skills to be successful. Take a look at the business personality types and find out what you need to succeed. Are you Bill Gates, a Visionary, or an Improver like Body Shop founder, Anita Roddick?

Shared on 17th March 2006

Attitude (Recycled)
In this article, the research team shares some of the basic personality traits as well as tips for making a choice to operate from the positive of your attitude. They state that each person has a basic personality trait and there are seven of these: Skeptic, Idealist, Stoic, Spiritualist, Cynic, Realist and Pragmatist. From these descriptions, you should be able to determine what your attitude is according to their system and take tips to work on the positive of your attitude. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Nitin Agarwal on 26th February 2006

10 Keys to Happiness by Deepak Chopra
A five minute read through. Great pieces of advice! Read the article on:

Shared by Swamy Ramchandran on 19th February 2006

Lakshmi Mittal’s article on Jamshedpur and on TATAs
“I visited Jamshedpur over the weekend to see for myself an India that is fast disappearing despite all the wolf-cries of people like Narayana Murthy and his ilk. It is one thing to talk and quite another to do and I am delighted to tell you that Ratan Tata has kept alive the legacy of perhaps India’s finest industrialist J.N. Tata. Something that some people doubted when Ratan took over the House of the Tatas but in hindsight, the best thing to have happened to the Tatas is unquestionably Ratan. I was amazed to see the extent of corporate philanthropy and this is no exaggeration.” Says Lakshmi Mittal, Steel Mill Billionaire. Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Herman Carneiro on 6th February 2006

The Top Creative Minds of 2005

Shared on 29th January 2006

25 Top Jobs for 2006
Finding your dream job can be a real nightmare. Career counselors suggest following your passion, and that's sage advice. Yet outstanding opportunities -- jobs that offer high growth potential, good salaries, and intellectual stimulation -- aren't always easy to come by. That's why, for the second year in a row, has surveyed the labor landscape to determine where the best prospects for the coming years can be found. What's changed in the span of just a year? Not a whole lot -- but more than you might expect. You'll find many similarities between this year's 25 Top Jobs and last year's list: Lawyers, financial advisors, computer software engineers, and stockbrokers all rank highly once again.

Check out the rankings on:

Shared on 29th January 2006

10 smart eating habits
Dr Neeru Dhingra is the COO -- North India, Gold's Gym. Gold's Gym has more than 680 branches in 24 countries and adheres to global standards with state of the art equipment, cutting edge technology and scientifically designed fitness programs. Read more on:

Shared on 21st January 2006

How to manage Anger; Techniques to eliminate worries
Last fortnight, columnist Claude Arpi recounted the lessons a heart attack taught him. Last week, in a follow-up piece, he listed an action plan to tackle stress. In the concluding segment of this series, Claude lists advice he was given on anger management by the fine doctors at the Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases in Chennai. Read more on:

Shared on 21st January 2006

Best of 2005
Best Leaders, Best Ideas, Best Products (

The 100 best IT products of 2005 (,aid,120763,pg,12,00.asp)

Top 50 Books (

Shared on 8th January 2006

May I suggest that you un-complicate your life? Keep things on the simple side. Try to see difficult, all-consuming problems in another light--as the sum of a lot of little parts. Break down tasks into manageable, little steps. Only do things that are going to bring you joy, peace, and prosperity. Don't do it unless there's some good to come of it. Don't do anything out of guilt, shame, resentment, anger, dread, hostility, or if you are forced or coerced. Look at your schedule, and everything you want or need to do today. Is everything on that big list completely necessary? Can some things wait, or be put aside? Finally, be sure to include some re-creation and reflection time for yourself today—and every day.

Shared by Girija Jethwani on 20th November 2005

Inspirational words of wisdom
Contact Vishal for the complete article.

Shared by Prasad Mamidanna on 14th October 2005

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